Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore Riots

I cannot comprehend why these people in Baltimore are rioting. There needs to be change, but how do you intend to build peace and equality with the same tools and methods that you feel oppressed by. The violence you are committing is adding to the destruction of your community. I agree with the voices of dissent, but there must be a change in your methods. Dr King did not take up the banner of equality under the guise of violence. He shunned it, even when the establishment used violence against him and his own. He abhorred it. His peaceful leadership during the Civil Rights movement created more equality for a group of people then all other methods. The intelligent voice raised in solidarity has more strength then the base tools of the mob. I understand that there is anger and frustration at the chronic injustice that is in this country, yet when you use destruction you justify it for those to use it against you. To those of you who support this movement of violent mobs throughout the country, your ignorance shames the cause in which you hope bolster. Instead of raising the cause to a point of effectiveness, you are demolishing the foundation in which the cause is built. Equality and peace cannot be built on the sands of violence, destruction, and ignorance.