Thursday, June 28, 2012

This paper talks about racism in our culture not as an institutionalized idea but rather an undercurrent idea that drags society along with it.  We are not faced with open hate that those of the black community dealt with back in the early 1900’s. Now it is an accepted concept that floats below the surface. It’s almost as if racism has turned into a pacifist-aggressive form. We see in media how the white man is always exaggerated in his heroic qualities and when he is the villain, his evil traits are underplayed.  On the other side of the coin, we see that the minorities experience the opposite. Their good qualities apply to good home-keeping skills, and their evil sides are dramatized to a picture of a super deviant. These are something that we as a people don’t even second guess. We sit in front of our televisions and don’t even realize the stereotypes and innuendos coming across our eyes. Our subconscious is taking it in. We are so inundated with these ideologies that we begin to act out and live the parts without ever realizing that we have changed the perspective with which we see the world and people who live in it. We begin attaching the wrong meanings to the wrong symbols, for example: black man= gangster, Asian=electronically attuned, and white man=suppressor of all that he sees. We have to be careful that we give them their right meanings and their right places. If we don’t we are only adding to the disease that’s eating away our society.  We are mudding the water of our beliefs with falsities and there is going to come a time when our willful indifference will swallow us whole. We know that it is wrong to think that other races are meant for mean and debased positions in society. We wont say that an Asian woman is supposed to be serving us our tea or that a Mexican man should be out mowing our lawns. We wont say those things but we accept it as part of our ideologies. And these ideologies are bring us down and increasing the divide between us and our brothers and sisters. Racism is no longer supported on an open battle field. It is not coming out in a heated voice with screaming hatred. It is not rearing its ugly head with prevalent lynching. It is taking place in the privacy of our homes, it happens every time we laugh at a joke, accept that someone is abased to certain positions in society, and every time we sit back and allow it to pervade through society.  It is happening in the individual’s beliefs. It’s out of our laws now we most extract it from our hearts.