Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Women's Rights vs Human Rights

There is a piece in Crenshaw’s article were she addresses the dynamics of race, domestic violence, and a want to hide from stereotypes. There are many women within the black community who endure domestic violence and not report the violence because they are protecting their community. These women first suffer from male dominance and then secondly resources are denied them because of the color of their skin. Although I personally believe that these issues should be first addressed as human rights. It is a human’s right to live a life without abuse, a human’s right to live without an unfair bias of culture, and it is a human’s right to be provided resources that protect you from those who would harm your rights. I do understand that there are many problems within society that are specific to women. Women within the identity of “another” race are being ignored due to a larger focus on the race’s rights over rights for gender discrimination. Too often women within the black community are paying the price of domestic violence to protect the race from oppression. Crenshaw shows that there is a need to recognize these women and their suffering. She shows that their oppression is two-fold: race and gender.  Within the feminist movement these women are often neglected because there are no resources for them to approach and voice their problems. Crenshaw argues that the feminist movement cannot and should not move forward without these women. The movement needs to recognize the polarity within its own ranks and address equality within their ranks.